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CBD-CBN for sleep and relief

Can CBD help you get better sleep? CBN may lend a hand.

It’s not surprising that people are asking about the relaxing qualities of CBD and cannabis for sleep. We've all heard that we need to sleep well for good health, so we change our diets and get more exercise to improve sleep and even use tech…
CBD Vape Carts - Uncut CBD Distillate Vape Cartridges with 18% CBGslyng

Leafwize CBD Vape Cart Review

Leafwize Naturals has been a leader in the full spectrum CBD industry since 2018. Based in sunny Orange County, California, Leafwize Naturals has since expanded its CBD offerings to include everything from tinctures to distillate for cartridges…
CBD health diet fitness new year

Using CBD to support healthy weight loss while feeling great

Start your new year off right by supporting every system in your body and making cannabinoid wellness products part of your daily routine - for weight loss and beyond. The first of the year is a perfect time to look back at where you’ve been,…
organic cbd tincture drops hemp terpenes full spectrum leafwize

CBD Oil for Anxiety

A surprising number of people of all ages are affected by anxiety. It's something that most people experience at one time or another and it can get in the way of being able to live a normal life. There’s been increasing evidence to show that…
Harlequin CBD Vape Cartridge

Hemp CBD Oil Vape Cartridges with Terpenes

Hemp CBD Oil Vape Cartridges A delicious new take on Vaporizing CBD! All natural flavors, Full Spectrum CBD Distillate with Terpenes for a well rounded medicated vape you can truly enjoy. All natural ingredients & flavors. Full Spectrum…

Seniors are Taking a Second Look at Cannabis as a Medicine

America’s largest generation (Baby Boomers) has shown a renewed interest in medicinal cannabis. In just the last 3 years, Cannabis use among those who are 55+ went from 2.8 million to 4.3 million, and the number is growing. And while some…