Mend Full Spectrum CBD+ CBG Tincture

100mg  per ml  / 10% CBG

• Easy, Precise Dosing: 100mg per ml
• 2 Sizes: Regular and Extra Large 3.3oz Bottle  (Lasts 3x longer)
• Premium Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extracts
• CBD+CBG+Terpenes
• Infused in MCT Coconut Oil for greater bioavailability
• Oregon & Colorado-Grown Hemp: Made in the USA!
• Third-party, ISO-certified lab tested to ensure safety & potency

Looking for maximum therapeutic relief?

Try the world’s strongest tincture! Our formula combines a powerful dosage along with boosted botanical oils & terpenes, and 10% CBG. Discover how effective CBD can be.

β-Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Turmeric, Ginger and more

18 beneficial botanical oils & terpenes make our proprietary formula like no other CBD tincture available; designed to naturally support your gut biome and balance your body’s systems naturally.

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Size Matters

3.3x more CBD than a 3,000mg bottle.

  • Now available in Extra Large 10,000mg bottle (3x the volume of a standard 30ml bottle)
  • 10,000mg or 3,000mg of premium hemp cannabinoids including 10% CBG
  • Measured dropper and 100mg/1ml ratio for easy dosing
  • Take control of your CBD regimen; get the strength you need

Organic hemp grown
and extracted in the USA.

3,000 or 10,000mg CBD per Bottle

Total Cannabinoids including CBG, CBN, CBC
and trace THC (Less than 0.3%)

Third Party Lab Tested
for Safety & Potency

100mg CBD+ per ml

30ml / 100 ml per bottle

Boosted with CBG

• 10% CBG
• Non-psychoactive
• Unique benefits vs. CBD

Mend CBD Terpene Chart Full Spectrum

Terpene Profile

β-Caryophyllene (BCP)

Known for it’s spicy flavor, BCP has been shown to “act like a cannabinoid” by activating the CB2 receptors all on its own. It also helps CBD work better through an entourage effect that improves the way your body responds to cannabinoids.


Also found in pine trees and sage, this promising compound is reason why it feels so good to go for a walk in the woods.


Found in many spices such as sage and ginger—and in cannabis, where it adds potent effects to cannabis products of all kinds.

> View all 18 Terpenes & Botanicals found in MendCBD+

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Mend Testimonials:

My doctor recommended I try hemp extract since the normal medication was not working well. He told me to look for a few things and I found them in Mend, plus it’s more affordable than buying 3 bottles of another lesser brand.

I was having trouble with some stomach issues (too numerous to list) and was so happy to find a product that included some of the supplements that I know help with that. The turmeric and oregano have really helped calm my overactive innards so I can eat and sleep in peace.

Endometriosis was ruining my life… I was in too much pain to do normal activities and the doctors had no other options besides pain meds or surgery. Mend helped with both the bloating and discomfort. This made it so I could think again, Thank you guys so much!

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