Full Spectrum CBD Gelcaps… The Easy Way to Take Your CBD

Take your CBD gelcaps like a vitamin.

Easy to take on the road or to work, these convenient little CBD softgels contain 25mg of Full Spectrum CBD Oil. 30-count bottle is 750mg / 60-count bottle is 1,500mg* (*Plus 20% more free.)

25mg Gelcaps (+20% More Free)

Current batch is 31mg each*

Full Spectrum

Phytocannabinoid Rich Oil

U.S. Grown Hemp

Made in the USA

CBD Gelcaps are all natural, no chemicals, preservatives or artificial anything.

Directions: Take once (or twice) per day or as needed

These convenient CBD gelcaps can be used to medicate easily anywhere. Activate your cannabinoid system with a no fuss caplet that contains full spectrum cannabinoid oil with <0.3% THC. (Perfect for those who want a little extra boost and won't be tested for employment.)

CBD Gelcaps are easy to take with you:

Whether you have to fly and can’t bring your tincture on the plane or need something easy to take at work, these gelcaps look like many other vitamins and are easy to deal with while on-the-go. Keep some in your car or your purse or desk drawer at work for when flare-ups come without warning.

*Cannabinoid Potency:

Current batch (Lot #1203192)
CBD: 31.2mg / THC: 0.26mg

25mg in each gelcap.
750mg /1,500mg total cannabinoids.

Active Ingredients: 25mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD per softgel.
Dosage: Approx. 1-2 capsules daily.
Other Ingredients: MCT Coconut Oil, Gelatin (capsule.)


  • Full Spectrum Profile (<0.3% THC)
  • Pharmaceutical Grade CBD infused in MCT Coconut Oil.
  • Includes native terpene profile for maximum effects.

Hemp Grown & Packaged in the USA

These contain trace Delta-9 THC. Looking for Broad Spectrum (THC-Free) Gelcaps?