Hemp CBD Oil Vape Cartridges with Terpenes

Harlequin CBD Vape Cartridge

Hemp CBD Oil Vape Cartridges

A delicious new take on Vaporizing CBD! All natural flavors, Full Spectrum CBD Distillate with Terpenes for a well rounded medicated vape you can truly enjoy. All natural ingredients & flavors.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract CO2 Distillate Oil soothes your lungs and throat while natural essential oils and terpenes delight your palette and senses. Our proprietary formulas are designed to compliment your mood, engage your senses and provide a relaxing approach to good health.

Harlequin CBD Vape CartridgeOur high quality vape cartridges are tempered glass with ceramic coil. Each cartridge contains only all-natural ingredients: CBD Hemp Extract (CO2 Distillate) with our custom terpene profiles & essential oils for a light pleasant flavor and a smooth vape experience.

Completely non-psychoactive (very low THC.)  No PG/PEG/VG/MCT in any of our vape products.

  • Large 1 ml (1 gram) Glass Cartridge (Refillable!)
  • Approx. 3-4mg per puff ~ Each cart approx. 200 medium puffs. 
  • Natural plant Terpenes & Essential Oils for a uniquely pleasant hint of flavor 
  • No solvents or chemicals, ingredients tested for purity
  • Works with any slim Vape Pen: 510 Thread (Pen not included)

Note: This product does not give you the ‘high’ commonly associated with cannabis & THC, however users report a mild calming/relaxing feeling. We recommend you do not drive or operate heavy machinery until you know how this product effects you.


CBD Vape Cartridge - Harlequin

Focus: Cinnamon & Clove CBD Vape Cart

Uses the terpenes beta-CaryophylleneHumulene and Myrcene for easing anxiety and soothing pain; relaxation. Gastroprotective & Ulcers.

Delivers flavor and aroma of:  Cinnamon, Clove with Wild Orange


Relax: Lavender Chamomile CBD Vape Cart

Uses the terpenes Linalool, Bisabolol & Humulene to deliver the physical relaxation effect and release of anxiety and tension necessary for sleep.

Flavor and aroma of:  Lavender, Woodsy & Light Floral


Blue Dream CBD Vape Cartridge 

Strain Terpene Profile: Blue Dream

Blue Dream is one of the most popular cannabis strains of all time. This is probably because of how it makes people feel… just good. The Blue Dream profile includes the terpenes Alpha-Pinene, d-Limonene and Myrcene for a physically energized sativa-like effect, with elevated mood and awareness, great for working, playing or being creative. Uplifting & Energizing.

Delivers flavor and aroma of: Citrus & Pine with Mango undertones


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