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Safety of Terpenes & Flavor Additives in Cannabis Vape Cartridges

An Analysis of The Safety of Terpenes & Flavor Additives in Cannabis Vape Cartridges – A research-based analysis from  Extract Consultants

Extract Consultants, a quality manufacturer of botanical terpenes and flavor additives, took a deeper look at the “chemical mechanisms and resulting health ramifications of infusing terpenes and other commercial flavor molecules into cannabis distillates for consumption in vape cartridges.”

They sought to answer the “crucial question of whether certain vaping scenarios pose risks to consumers’ health, seeking to identify the root causes and potential solutions to ensure the safety of these products.”

Safety of Terpenes - Pictured: 50/50 CBD Delta-8 vape cartsThe study sheds light on the safety of terpenes “critical role of temperature in the vaporization process. The terpenes tested in this study feature boiling points that are typically well below 400° F (204° C).”

“Excessive temperatures result in the formation of residual solvents and other toxins. THC Distillate alone, with no terpenes or other cannabinoids, produces residual solvents at temperatures as low as 464°.”

“Temperature is the most significant factor in the vaporization process: To sufficiently vaporize and activate terpenes in a cannabis distillate, temperatures need not, and should not, exceed 400° F” 

“Independent lab tests found that when consumed within the recommended temperature parameters [under 400° F], cannabis distillate infused with terpenes and flavor molecules generally poses no discernible health risks.” 


View full source article and access detailed white paper here:


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