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Did you know?

  • The cannabis genome produces 100+ cannabinoids, 150+ terpenes, and 20 flavonoids.

  • These phytomolecules interact with the human endocannabinoid system (ECS) to produce wellness.

  • But it gets complex. Biphasic response curves, biosynthetic pathways, and acidic precursors all commingle.

Learn the components of cannabis core training and education with Higher Learning LV’s Deep Dive series. This collection of dozens of long-form articles provides students and industry professionals with detailed reviews of critical topics to the cannabis and hemp industries. All Deep Dive long-form articles are based on peer-reviewed scientific research.

Topics Covered in Deep Dive Series

Higher Learning LV teaches a wide variety of topics, but only those that are important to the emerging cannabis and hemp industries. Here are a few topics in cannabis core training Deep Dive Series:

  • Trichomes are cannabinoid factories
  • The endocannabinoid system and depression
  • Cannabis genetics and perceived aroma
  • CBD for arthritis
  • CBD for mood disorders
  • Testing & compliance costs
  • Medical extraction techniques
  • Prescribing cannabis medicines for epilepsy

Higher Learning LV - Cannabis Core TrainingLearn more about the cannabis Deep Dive articles, including two new Deep Dives every month.

C3 Podcast: Cannabis Commerce and ChemistryAll business. No small talk.

The Cannabis Commerce + Chemistry Podcast is targeted at industry professionals and is always under 30 minutes out of respect to your busy schedule.
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