CBD and Sex: New Intimate Secret is Based in Science

When it comes to cannabis and sex, most of us think about lowering inhibitions or just getting into the mood. But in reality, cannabis not only helps us explore our sexuality and enhance intimacy but there is also some science behind adding CBD Oil to your bedside table. This year, you might choose to skip the standard valentine gifts of flowers or chocolate, and take a look at using full-spectrum CBD oil as a secret weapon for making your partner’s socks roll up and down.CBD Sex Bedroom sexual health

Cannabis has a few tricks up its sleeve for setting the mood and when it gets ingested or is applied topically, acts as a vasodilator, meaning it increases the blood flow to the areas where it’s applied. This engages with cannabinoid receptors to not only offer relaxation of the body and mind, but also to increase pleasure to one’s sensitive parts.

It’s pretty well known that cannabis makes our senses a little bit more ‘receptive’ and that things like smells, sounds, and tastes, can feel enhanced after consumption. This is due to the neural effects that are happening in the somatosensory system where things like sense of touch become more sensitive. Now picture this same effect happening for your sex life.

There are quite a few specialty options out there for cannabis-infused bedroom products but not too many people realize that if you currently already use a pure CBD-infused oil tincture, that it can also be used as a sensual lubrication enhancer. The skin of our sexual parts is thinner than other areas, making it more sensitive to touch but also more effective to absorbing the CBD. Simply drizzle a few drops of natural unflavored CBD oil onto your own or your partner’s parts and let the fun begin. We recommend incorporating it into the pre-game activities so it has a few minutes to soak in. The action of anointing your partner with oil has the added benefit of building anticipation and increasing the overall scintillating effects of the CBD. The oil also works the same way massage oil does, by reducing friction on the skin’s surface so that your muscle rub is more enjoyable.

It’s pretty common for some women to experience pain during intercourse and this can happen for a variety of reasons but is almost always unwelcome when it happens. One of the causes can be endometriosis pain and especially if you’re young and frisky, this can be a major damper on your sex life. CBD is now well known to help reduce this type of pain and using it to do so while also increasing sexual pleasure can be a woman’s secret weapon for greater enjoyment of sex overall.

Men also rely on blood flow to keep the love alive down there so they may also be pleased to find that CBD oils not only make it a smoother sensation but they may find it easier to keep the session going longer than normal. So not only can it have benefits for you, but you can take your partner to new heights as well. Multiple studies have found that found that using cannabis before an intimate encounter could increase a woman’s likelihood of experiencing a satisfying orgasm.

So how does it feel? Here’s how it affected some who’ve tried it:

“I felt the effects pretty quickly and noticed an almost a warming sensation. There was a mild and pleasant tingling, I definitely noticed the increased sensation.”

“At first, I wondered if this was just a gimmick, but after giving it a whirl, I have to say I was blown away. It’s a very unique sensation and after sharing it with my SO, we’ve made it our new favorite thing.”

In the scientific paper “The Relationship between Marijuana Use Prior to Sex and Sexual Function in Women” by Dr. Becky K. Lynn, researchers found that women who used cannabis before a sexual encounter had more than double the odds of having a satisfactory orgasm. In addition, most women also reported increases in sex drive and decrease in pain during sex.

From what we’ve seen and heard, the science is sound and the effects are obvious. So light those candles, put on your sweet lovin’ playlist and grab a bottle of full spectrum CBD oil before your next intimate encounter for a night you’ll both remember.

Minor notes: It’s best to use CBD Oil tinctures that are pure (no added anything) and have a base of coconut (MCT), olive or hemp oil. Do not use if you don’t know what’s in it or if there are added flavors like Cinnamon or Citrus that can cause irritation. Plant based oils are not compatible with condoms. Caution with use of high-THC oils, you definitely can absorb it and feel the effects.

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