Quitting Alcohol, Cigarettes and Making Dieting Easier with CBD

January is a time of new beginnings and the perfect opportunity to make a fresh start. From quitting smoking to eating less, removing some of the vices that aren’t good for us is an honorable quest and CBD may be able to help. Dry January got it’s name from those who quit alcohol for the month but it can apply to any bad habit and many people use it for rebalancing the things that give pleasure and those that cause more harm than good. Dry January with CBD is a great way to make a tough job much more painless while enjoying side benefits.

Quitting Alcohol with CBD

Dry January with CBD - full spectrum hemp CBD tincture drops

Dry January with CBD

It’s common knowledge that quitting alcohol when you use it too often can be painful. Withdrawl symptoms are real and often cause people to go back to drinking to make that discomfort go away. There’s also the ritual and social aspects that make it difficult to give up or say “no thanks.” We’ve heard from more than a few people how CBD drops or vapes helped with some of the physical and mental feelings associated with alcohol cessation. Not only for nausea and body aches, but the worry or anxiousness that was being numbed.

Dieting with CBD

People don’t always associate dieting with physical pain, but much like substance abuse, quitting a love affair with food can bring on an intense primal pain. It makes us hangry and annoyed and short-tempered when we don’t get the rich foods or heavy calories we’re used to. Our bodies are programmed to feed the beast inside us that sometimes seems to just want more and more.  We often need extra help with some of the bad mood and physical discomfort of calorie restriction. MCT Oil can be used as fuel much faster than even food can and without the change in blood sugar. If you’re feeling low or running out of steam, drop 1ml of tincture under your tongue and let some absorb right into your bloodstream. The MCT coconut oil is uniquely able to be used directly without the need for full metabolism through your stomach & liver. This feature is why it is so great for CBD delivery, but it’s also used for intermittent fasting which helps some people lose weight. The idea is to force your body to wait at least 12-18 hours between meals and the MCT helps bridge the gap from waking up to eating a meal later in the day. Bulletproof (MCT) Coffee assists this process the same way.

Quitting Smoking with CBD

Those who want to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes are finding that what was once a terribly difficult addiction to break, is now easier with the replacement of a CBD vape pen for stepping down. Instead of quitting cold turkey and feeling horrible while not knowing what to do with your hands, replacing this ritualistic habit with a similar ritual of holding and puffing on a vape pen can be a perfect way to go. It helps give the idle hands something to hold and replaces harmful carcinogens inhaled through smoking. The vapor has no bad smell and does not linger and make a room or clothing stink of smoke. Many who try this method, come away saying that they can’t believe that they were able to tolerate their own bad smell and once the smoke is gone, they are happy to find their sense of smell and taste begin to return to normal. CBD distillate vapor doesn’t contain nicotine so some people use gum to help step down from that if necessary. Going from a lung and life threatening, smelly and expensive habit to one where you smell and feel good is probably one of the most profound health changes you can make and is truly an investment in yourself.  And the best part is you can quit your CBD vape at any time without withdrawal symptoms.

Quitting Pharmaceutical Drugs with CBD

While weening off of prescription drugs is definitely a possibility, there are too many drugs with cross interactions with others to attempt a summary here.  The best option is to ask your prescribing doctor about weening off, they often have options for moving to lower dose to make it easier. It may take several weeks at each reduced dose level to step down. CBD can help with some of the minor pains but should be looked at on a case-by-case basis where interactions can be checked for safety. (Never abruptly stop a medication without talking to your doctor as serious side effects could occur.)

Whatever your goals, CBD can probably help. We’re here to answer any questions!

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