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How to Refill your CBD Vape Cartridge Pen

concentrate syringe 3ml vape cbd distillate

Do you have a refillable vape cartridge you’d rather reuse than throw away?

Good choice! Anything that can be reused saves it from the landfill and may also save you a little money as well.  If your vape cartridge is refillable (ours are) you can refill them with Hemp CBD concentrate from a syringe and keep it going. The process is pretty simple and lets you extend the life of your vape cartridge.

Step 1: Remove the Top Mouthpiece by Unscrewing it Counter-Clockwise

Once it comes off, set it aside on a plate or napkin since it may have sticky residue on it. There should be a silicone seal that comes with it, but if that gets stuck in the top of the glass, gently peel it off and put it back on the tip.

You’ll want to keep the open cartridge upright so use a holder of some kind to hold it. (Two books or small weight to keep it from falling over.)

 Step 2: Open your Concentrate Syringe with the Tip Pointing Up

Pull the plunger down just a hair to prevent it from spilling out too quickly. Screw on the luer-lock dispensing tip.

Step 3: Place the Metal Dispensing Tip Between the Glass and the Center Pole.

Gently place the tip along the inside edge of the glass tank/container and press the plunger to dispense the liquid distillate . (Do NOT put the liquid into the center pole.) It works by absorbing through the tiny holes at the base of the outside of the center pole. If you put it in the pole, you’ll get a mouthful of unvaporized oil that may not be pleasant and will waste your product.

Step 4: Replace the Cartridge Mouthpiece Cap and Screw it Back on Clockwise

The cap may need to be pressed down slightly first to catch the threads. It should seat and create a seal at the top when screwed down. No need to over-tighten. To reseal your syringe, point it up again and pull the plunger down a tiny bit to pull any oil back into the glass. Unscrew the luer-lock tip and put the screw cap back on for storage. (If you want to keep your tip clean you can put it in a little cap full of alcohol. Any cleanup is best done with alcohol as well.)

That’s it! You’re ready to go. Screw the cartridge back on the pen if necessary and give it a draw. If the cartridge was completely empty or dried out, it may need a few pulls to get it going again. Over time the ceramic element may get clogged and require a new cartridge.

Helpful Tips:

  • We offer 5 different pure Hemp CBD Distillate concentrate syringes for refilling cartridges. We also offer a plain version that you can use to mix your own terpene or essential oil blend. About 2-4 drops of terpenes per 1-ml cart tank works best.
  • If temperatures are very cold, the distillate can get slightly thick. Warm it up in a cup of hot water before use to make it easier to dispense.
  • Live Resin can also be used. If you have a Bud Press and want to squeeze the rosin out of your fresh plant product, you can mix in a small amount of terpenes to liquify it and suck it up into a syringe to place into a cartridge or tank.
  • Distillate syringes are about 35mg per drop… perfect to infuse your coffee, tea or other recipes.
  • Need a new Vape Pen to go with it? We have a Button Pen, Buttonless Pen and a compact Pocket Size Vape Pen.