1,500mg CBD in a 3ml size dispensing syringe


Available in all our fresh Vape Cart flavors


Comes with a dispensing tip adapter for small cartridge openings

Introducing Vape Refill Dispensers… available in all our great flavors!

If you love our CBD Vape Carts then you may wish to try the 1,500mg Vape Cart Refill Dispenser to save money and reuse your existing cartridge.

Refills can be used to refill our cartridges or almost any vape device. (Not recommended for high-heat devices.) Dispensers are made of borosilicate glass with a plastic stemmed silicone plunger. There is no PG/PEG/VG or Vitamin E Acetate in any of our vape products.

1,500mg of CBD Oil with Terpenes

Refill your Vape Cartridges or Juul devices easily!

Not just for vaping! Add a drop to your cup, and pour in hot coffee or tea for a 25mg infused beverage.




1,500mg Vape Cartridge Refill Syringe:

Each vape cartridge refill syringe comes with the following:

  • X-Large 3.0ml premium glass syringe pre-filled with full-spectrum CBD distillate (cannabinoid and terpene-rich hemp extract) with a small amount of C8 MCT Oil.
  • Natural plant terpenes in our custom flavors or popular medical cannabis strain profiles.
  • 1,500mg of full spectrum cannabinoid rich oil (CBD.)
  • Removable stopper and fill needle.

These syringes can be used to fill any thick oil vape cartridge. CARTRIDGE NOT INCLUDED. If unsure, test a small amount in your device before filling it with this oil.  Also try dropping in coffee for a 25mg/drop boost.

Use with our Vape Carts

Designed for use with our high quality cbd vape cartridges (but should work with most standard vape cartridges.) Each Dispenser Syringe contains only all-natural ingredients: 1,500mg CBD (Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Rich Oil) with our custom terpene profiles for a light pleasant flavor. Non-psychoactive (Made from Hemp containing less than 0.3% THC.)  No PG/PEG or VG in any of our vape products.

Ingredients: Pure CO2 Distillate Hemp Extract CBD Oil, Terpenes and a small amount of MCT Oil to create a smooth vape experience with a pleasant hint of flavor.



PLEASE NOTE: This product does not give you the ‘high’ commonly associated with Cannabis & THC, however some users report a short-lived mild sedative effect and a calming/relaxing feeling in your body. We recommend you do not drive or operate heavy machinery until you know how this product effects you.

CBD Vape PenPEN BATTERY & CARTRIDGE NOT INCLUDED – This syringe is meant to fill any thick oil cartridge (not included.) Using a cartridge requires a standard 510 Vape Pen Battery. If you need one, try our Buttonless CBD Vape Pen or the variable-temp Button CBD Vape Pen.

Your cartridge or syringe will have a small air space at the top and may not appear to be 100% full. This is normal due to the oil being pulled into the wick after filling. We ensure each cartridge is filled to its capacity during manufacturing, and you are getting the full amount advertised.

Pure hemp extract with high CBD percentage can crystallize in cooler temperatures.  Our vape products generally don’t crystallize at normal room temperatures but if they get cold, crystallization may occur. In colder climates, it’s possible for your cartridge to arrive with some crystallization.  If your vape oil looks frosty, don’t worry, it’s safe and the solution is easy. Gently warm the cartridge with a hair dryer or heading pad for a minute or so until the crystallization disappears. Be careful not to overheat the cartridge (and please don’t burn your fingers on hot glass.)