The Future of Good Health: Be Your Own Health Advocate

Doctors are great at knowing about their specialty… but what happens when your issues exist outside their realm of expertise? What happens when the ‘specialists’ approach doesn’t help you? Will they research your unique problem or think outside of the pharmaceutical toolbox for you? Are you willing to bet your health on the answer?

Anyone who has had a serious health concern in the past has probably learned that they needed to do their own research and be extra diligent to make sure any and all avenues have been considered. As it turns out, you know your body better than anyone and only you can listen to the messages it sends you.

Most of today’s doctors were not taught in Medical School about the human Endocannabinoid system that exists inside all of us. If your doctor knows about it, it’s because they took the time to read or listen to the research evidence that has only recently become readily available. More and more doctors are coming on board as the little research that has been done is shared. Aside from those few studies, the only other evidence lies is in the thousands of anecdotal stories by real people who have used CBD and cannabis to improve their health.

Please share your experiences, and share them with your Doctor… good or bad, they need to know how their patients are using and benefiting from CBD, THC and cannabinoids. Doctors can use your testimonials to help others. Doctors can learn from you too.

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