How to make CBD Bulletproof Keto Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee is an interesting trend that has been around for a few years but is still popular with those who want to jumpstart their day and stay in calorie burn mode without eating breakfast. It uses a special oil called MCT that is able to be used as fuel by your brain without needing to eat a high calorie meal. Adding CBD to your Bulletproof coffee makes it even better.

The original recipe for “Bulletproof” is fresh brewed black coffee that is blended with grass-fed butter and coconut oil, resulting in a creamy, frothy cup of coffee that is not only delicious, but also packed with healthy fats and nutrients. Additionally, the MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) coconut oil used is special because the particles are so small, they can enter your bloodstream before the full metabolism has taken place.

CBD Bulletproof Keto CoffeeCBD Bulletproof Keto coffee has numerous health benefits that are not found in regular black coffee. In addition to being more rich and delicious, it uses butter rather than milk or cream to improve the coffee’s flavor. It’s a recipe that many people on the paleo or keto diet enjoy because it contains a lot of healthy fats but it does not contain the extra sugars found in milk or cream. This enables the body to stay in ‘fast’ mode of burning fat without the pain and brain fog that comes from not eating. Adding CBD helps with the irritability and uncomfortable feelings that come with dieting and fasting. This keto friendly coffee really helps keep you going and motivated to stay on track and accelerates the metabolic process of burning stored fat.

Bulletproof coffee (also known as Keto Coffee) has been a welcome and helpful tool to those on a keto diet. When the body enters ketosis, a state of low metabolic rate, it produces a type of molecule known as ketone that helps the body burns its stored fat, it produces ketones, which aid in weight loss. Some keto diets require that those on the diet add coconut oil or palm oil directly to their food and beverages. Bulletproof coffee is one of the most common applications for MCT. For most recipes, the recommended amount of butter is grass-fed butter (unsalted) or ghee (clarified butter).

Easy Recipe for CBD Bulletproof Keto Coffee

  • Brew Fresh Ground Whole Bean Coffee (the terpenes in coffee evaporate quickly so fresh ground is always preferred.)
  • Add 1-2 Tablespoons C8 MCT Coconut Oil (One dropper of this from Full Spectrum CBD Oil, preferably 1,500mg which will add 50mg CBD.)
  • 1 Pat Grass-fed butter (Optional, adds flavor and nutrients)
  • Stevia sweetener (Optional)
  • Blend in a drink blender and serve!
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