Pipe Cart Vape Battery is Easy & Powerful!

Pipe Vape Cart Battery Features:

  • Powerful 900 mAh
  • Pipe shape fits comfortably in your hand
  • Three heat settings for all extracts
  • Easy to use… just press the button and inhale
  • Comes with USB charger cable. Color indicator on button:
    Red = Charging / Green = Done.
  • Perfect for thicker oils like Delta-8.

Standard 510 Thread

Fits our 510 Thread CBD Vape Cartridges perfectly!

Unique Shape – Pipe Vape Cart Battery

This pipe vape cart battery that looks like an old school wooden pipe isn’t just for looks, it has a super-strong 900mAh battery too! It looks like milled hardwood with a glossy finish and sits comfortably in your hand. When you’re ready to put it to work, take your favorite 510-threaded vape cartridge and screw it right into the stem of the pipe. Once you have the tank on, just press the button to heat the cartridge and enjoy.

Variable Voltage – Extra Strong

Despite the fun shape of this pipe vape cart battery, it means business. Instead of having a space for packing it there’s a button that activates the various functions.


  • 5 quick clicks will turn the device on or off.
  • 3 clicks will cycle the voltage between three settings: 3.3 V lights up in green, 3.5 V in blue, and 3.8 V in red.
  • 2 clicks will activate a 15 second preheat mode, made for cold days, thick oils or for a steady temperature to enjoy.

Note: To ensure long battery life, charge Pipe Vape Cart Battery using the included cable in a surge-protected outlet, power strip, power brick or computer. (Don’t use USB directly into wall outlet.) If battery blinks 10 times, it has likely shorted or the battery has died.