There are many ways to consume cannabidiol (CBD) but vaping seems to be very popular, why is that?

Previously, one would have been stuck with smoking medical strains or baking the herb into some brownies, but thanks to advances in technology we can now extract the most helpful compounds out of the cannabis/hemp plant, leaving people with a wider choice of products.

So why is vaping CBD so popular?

In a nutshell, because it’s one of the fastest and most efficient delivery methods. Of all the product options to get CBD into your system, vaporizing delivers the highest amount of cannabinoids to your bloodstream in the shortest amount of time. Eating a CBD Edible can take 30 minutes to an hour to metabolize and when it does, the amount that ends up being available is less. (However, it can stay there a little longer when consumed as an edible.)

Many people just find vaporizing CBD to be a pleasant experience. It’s very relaxing after a long day or while watching a movie. It gives a calming feeling while you’re getting your medicine. This is a serious upgrade from large handfuls of pills that probably have a host of side effects or dependency worries. Anxiety sufferers can use it as an on-demand inhaler to help ward off bad feelings or anxiety attacks. It’s portable and has almost no scent so it’s discreet and won’t bother others with any smell.

We’ve taken CBD to a whole new place. Who said medication had to be yucky?

We’ve worked hard to formulate a line of high quality, Oregon-grown hemp CO2 Distillate vape cartridges flavored with real plant terpenes and essential oils for a CBD vape that is a very different experience.