The right doses of CBD or THC & CBD can be huge in helping people either use less opioids or avoid them altogether.

We’ve seen firsthand how cannabis (especially CBD) can increase the efficacy of an opioid medication. This could be instrumental in allowing folks to ease off without feeling as much of a withdrawal. Opioid tolerance is the main reason use gets out of hand so quickly. Cannabis can help with this. Use of a low-THC/high-CBD strain (or caplet) can make the same dose feel like more (without doing the damage of more.)

Cannabis can also help a person slowly wean off of Opioid painkillers. Especially in the first days of opioid reduction where the body goes through an intense flu-meets-stomach-bug pain reaction, cannabis helps the body and mind feel better and allows it to get through some of the initial worst parts of opioid withdrawal. The person will not have to go through this phase to stop using cannabinoids. They may keep using them to help with residual pain and a host of other conditions.