Water Soluble Nano CBD

Water Soluble Nano CBD Drops Make it Easy & Fast

Nano CBD Gets to Source Quicker

2,400mg Full Spectrum

Mix Into Any Beverage or Smoothie

Strong Formula (Use just 5 drops!)


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Made for Mixing!

High potency Water Soluble Nano CBD Drops are perfect for boosting your favorite drink. At 4 mg per drop, you can add it to hot or cold beverages, like coffee, tea, juice, smoothies or even mocktails. Nano CBD is naturally a bit bitter so while it’s okay to take sublingually, most people find it’s best in a drink where you won’t taste it at all.

Why is Nano CBD so Popular?

Water-soluble Nano CBD drops work really fast. Easily absorbed by our bodies, the ultra-tiny nano sized particles don’t have to wait to get broken down, they already are! By skipping ‘first-pass metabolism’ it can go directly to your bloodstream. There’s more for your receptors as less gets filtered out.

How to Use:

We suggest starting with just 5 drops! (20mg) Wait 30 minutes and see how you feel. Additional doses may be taken to reach your desired state. Nano CBD is more efficient so if you’re used to 50mg, start lower to have the same effect. 5 drops is 1/4 ml; at this rate, the bottle contains 120 servings!

Add to hot or cold beverages or add to food, baked goods or any of your favorite recipes. Can also be used topically! Most lotions penetrate your outer epidermis layer but water soluble nano CBD particles penetrate deeper into dermis skin layers for a more potent effect. Add a dropper or two to your favorite lotion bottle and shake to mix.

Benefits of Water-Soluble Nano CBD:

CBD in a water-soluble, nano concentration is a popular form of CBD because it’s so easily absorbed by the body, making it more bioavailable and effective. Since it’s faster than other forms of CBD, such as oil tinctures or gelcaps, water-soluble nano CBD is perfect for busy people who want the benefits quickly (or don’t care for the under-the-tongue method.)

Powerful Full Spectrum

This product contains less than the legal 0.3% THC. However any high potency product like this one, the small amount will add up if you exceed the recommended dosage. Start low to see how this product affects you.

Do not take large amounts of high-potency, full spectrum CBD if you need to pass a drug screen.

Nano Particle Size

Nano particles are super tiny compared to normal CBD. Even compared to our red blood cells which are 8,000 nm, the size of our nano CBD particles averages just 30 nm. So they can get in faster and to more places that larger particles cannot.