CBD Button Pen Battery is lower heat for improved flavor & safety

Lower Power Pens are Safer and Smoother

Low power batteries are thought to be better for your health. When cartridges get overheated, metals and plastics begin to break down. Precious oils in the cartridge can also become darker and burnt tasting. Solve this by turning pen batteries down to lower temp settings or using a lower power pen.

Ideal for those who want a safer option and lighter, smoother inhale.

Lower power means slightly less vapor volume so you can take longer pulls without coughing.

CBD Button Pen Battery is lower heat for better health.

CBD Button Pen Features:

• Four color choices: Aqua, Red, Black & White
• Three heat settings and a light-up button
• Easy to use… just hold the button and inhale.
• Standard 510 Thread – Fits our CBD Cartridges perfectly (not included.)
• Considered safer to prevent degradation of cartridge materials & coil metals.

🚨 This battery does NOT come with a charger cable but does use a standard Micro USB phone charger, no need to carry around special charger if you have these for other devices. Select ‘Add Charger’ if you need one.

Three heat settings: 
Blue: 2.6v
Yellow: 3.0v
Red: 3.4v

How to Operate Pen Battery:

  1. Make sure Pen is turned on by clicking 3 times quickly
  2. Change voltage (heat) by clicking 2 times
  3. Hold button down while inhaling deeply for longer than 3 seconds
  4. Tiny LED charging indicator on pen base is red when charging and turns green when it’s done.
  5. Tip: For richer hit, cover the ‘airflow notches’ where battery meets cart.

Troubleshooting CBD Button Pen Battery:

  • White light flashes three times – Battery is short circuiting or likely needs a recharge. Plug in USB cable to charge.
  • No light at all – Try turning the battery on/off by clicking quickly 3 times.
  • No airflow – Cartridge may have become clogged, Hold down button for about 5 seconds while attempting to pull. May have to do this several times to heat up the clog and clear it. Reduce this happening by inhaling longer than button press.

How to Use Your CBD Button Pen Battery:

How to use CBD button vape pen - low heat Stik B by AVD