Custom High-CBD Tincture: Healing Blend 

  • Cannabinoid-Rich CBD Oil (CO2 Distillate) & Whole Plant Extract (40/60 ratio of Distillate/Whole Plant)
    • CO2 Distillate contains a concentrated amount of CBD in a thick, golden, honey-like oil that retains most of the natural Terpenes.
    • Whole Plant Hemp Extract Oil is an even thicker, darker extraction with a deep green color indicating the larger amount of Hemp plant phytochemicals present.
  • 90 Day Supply containing a total of 60 grams CBD Oil (Approximately 53,000 milligrams cannabinoids)
  • 3 count – 30ml (1oz) Bottles. Each bottle containing:
    • 20 grams CBD Oil (~ Approx. 17,600mg cannabinoids)
    • MCT Coconut Oil (small amount) to aid with absorption and viscosity (and it protects the CBD Oil from degradation.)
    • Real plant terpenes including Beta-Caryophyllene
    • Essential Oils – for hint of flavor & extra Terpenes, Citrus Blend, containing Limonene, Pinene, Myrcene & Linalool
    • One half-dropper amount (.5ml) should contain approximately 290mg CBD/Cannabinoids 
    • Recommended Dose: take 2-3 times per day for a total quantity of at least 600mg per day. (3 servings = 900mg)
  • Our Cost: (no markup) $750

Addendum: (Volume adjustment)

Final delivery is 2 (two) large Oral Syringes, Each containing approx. 75ml (150ml Total.) Ingredients are the same as above with 60+ grams Whole Plant & C02 Hemp CBD Distillate. (Approximately 53,000mg Cannabinoids/CBD.)

Each ml (20 drops) contains approx. 350mg CBD (Ideal dosage is 600 to 1000mg per day so 2 or 3 times daily.)

The best way to take it is under the tongue (since mouth membranes can absorb better than via your stomach.) The green flavor may make this difficult, so if need be it can be mixed in food or dispensed to the back of the tongue and washed down with coffee or drink. (Coffee & cannabinoids do work well together for reasons still unknown.)

Note: Whole plant extracts contain a small trace amount of THC as one of the cannabinoids in the spectrum. This is very important to the efficacy of the medicine and helps the CBD do its job. If any drowsiness occurs, you may choose to ingest at night before bed when the effects won’t be felt.

Disclaimer: Cannabis therapy for Cancer is an emerging science. There aren’t any clinical tests yet that offer us proof or disproof of the effectiveness. This recommendation is based upon the Rick Simpson protocol and is in no way a guarantee or promise of effectiveness for any specific ailment. All we have at this time are personal testimonials that cannabis therapy alone or in conjunction with chemotherapy has shown promise and has worked well for some people. Each person is different and individuals have unique reactions in how they respond to cannabinoids.

We’re happy to answer any questions or provide further information
about anything. COA on source oils are available upon request.